• Submissions – Through Death’s Door

    Submissions – Through Death’s Door

    Monnath books is thrilled to announce, after much deliberation, that we are officially putting together our very first anthology!
    “Through Death’s Door” is an anthology simply based on the concept of death and is not limited to any specific genre – so think about the paranormal, heaven, hell, resurrection, etc. Read More…

  • Connect with Monnath Books!

    Connect with Monnath Books!

    Besides this website, you can also interact with Monnath Books on:
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  • School visit for World Book Day

    School visit for World Book Day

    Monnath Books is honoured that Madeline Pope’s ‘Rodney and Splodge go to Topaz Town’ was part of World Book Day yesterday at Pinfold Street Primary School in Wednesbury, West Midlands, UK. It was a wonderful day where the author spent the day with hundreds of children, reading them the first chapter and signing copies of the book. Read More…