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Natalie Rix – Into the Aether: A Collection of Short Stories

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5 x 8 inches


Max discovers that there’s nothing worse than a jealous ex-girlfriend. Especially one that’s jealous from beyond the grave…

Lucy discovers that she can access the Akashic Records of mankind. But due to her bad judgement, she thinks she’s made a terrible mistake in doing so…

Erik experiences visitations to the astral plane known as The Dreamstate, but dark energies lurk there in the aether…

It is said that aether is the metaphysical substance that all matter and consciousness permeates. Perhaps it is this aether that can account for the unexplainable and impossible things that are happening.

Spirit possession, spiritual technology, alien abduction, past life memories and time slips are just some of the tales included in this whirlwind of ten metaphysical short stories set on our plane of our existence, and just beyond.

Prepare for a journey into the aether…

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