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Lozzie Counsell – The Surrogates: A post-apocalyptic short story (The Mutation Chronicles) Kindle Edition

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At the tender age of just fifteen, Jeremy is forced to grow up and help aid his town’s survival as one of the only men there able to reproduce.

Taken to pick between huts of mutant women for insemination, he ends up with a newcomer named Sandy, seemingly mute and shockingly beautiful, with a strong will and never-fading hope.

But when he learns of the actual truths about the treatment of these women, from the real reasons they end up in the huts, to experiencing a ‘Farewell Ceremony’ first-hand, will Jeremy still be able to put his town first?

The Surrogates is a post-apocalyptic tale of unexpected friendships and moral battles. This short read is part of the series The Mutation Chronicles. These stories, while set in the same world, can be read in any order.

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