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Natalie Rix – The Faceless People: A post-apocalyptic short story (The Mutation Chronicles) Kindle Edition

Published Date: March 27, 2019

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For generations, my people have passed on the terrifying tale of The Faceless People. Supposedly beautiful and intelligent beneath their metallic bubbles, but also violent and cruel, they are said to arrive in the middle of the night and drag people away. Those people never return. I always thought they were a myth, told to keep children inside at night.

I was wrong.

While searching for food out in the contaminated wastelands that is my home, they arrived. They brutally beat my family in front of me, and then they took me away.

According to The Faceless People, I’m a freak. I’m inhuman. I’m a hell beast. But if they hate me so much, why are they taking me back to their home?

The Faceless People is a thrilling post-apocalyptic tale where myths become a gruesome reality. This short read is one of three stories in The Mutation Chronicles. These stories, while set in the same world, can be read in any order.

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