The Faceless People

Natalie Rix – The Faceless People: A post-apocalyptic short story (The Mutation Chronicles) Kindle Edition

For generations, my people have passed on the terrifying tale of The Faceless People. Supposedly beautiful and intelligent beneath their metallic bubbles, but also violent and cruel, they are said to arrive in the middle of the night and drag people away. Those people never return. I always thought they were a myth, told to keep children inside at night.
I was wrong. Read More…


Lozzie Counsell – Contagion: A post-apocalyptic short story (The Mutation Chronicles) Kindle Edition

“There are things that live in the woods. Mutants. They trespass. They steal. But worst of all, they killed my mother.”
When Bryony is abducted by mutants, she is certain that she will follow the same fate as her mother. However, she soon discovers that this wasn’t a random attack after all; the mutants have been watching her for years. Read More…


Alanah Andrews – Exiles: A post-apocalyptic novella (The Mutation Chronicles) Kindle Edition

Mutations. We call them mutts—humans born with genetic deviations that make them strange and dangerous.
Some say they are a punishment from God; others believe they are the result of nuclear fallout from the last war. Either way, the wall encircling our village keeps them out. Most of the time. Read More…


Natalie Rix – Into the Aether: A Collection of Short Stories

Max discovers that there’s nothing worse than a jealous ex-girlfriend. Especially one that’s jealous from beyond the grave…
Lucy discovers that she can access the Akashic Records of mankind. Read More…